A Holy Picnic!

In previous article Picnic Planning – A 3-stage process we saw how complex it is to arrange a picnic like the Logarithm Table. Now let’s see when it really does work!

Religion runs in our blood and people who disagree with our faith are not acceptable to us. That’s why a temple visit program never failed. It never needed detailed discussions as no one would want to offend the god by refusing to visit his house. We converted a fun-going trip into a Holy Picnic.

Your Holy Picnic literally starts out with a thread. At every revered sanctuary we will be locating a long line. We’re so eager to arrive from the beginning that we usually keep moving others in lines (it looks like your no. is 10, not 9 you won’t get endowments from the God). Furthermore, when the Lord takes rest, some sanctuaries have selected others. The line is where your communication experience shines, we ask places of others, reasons to come, a few women are talking about their social issues, young people are looking at wonderful women, poor wedded men are investigating the board, policy-driven topics, and any topic under the Sun as their wives are constantly looking at them.Kids are suddenly curious because they probably know when to weep (Emotional Atyachaar). Crippled and oldies suffer a little in the light of the fact that they are offered the rare course of action by a few solitary sanctuaries.

From now on, make every attempt to cross the line and hit the last spot, before the Lord. For one way or another, I agree that when you just close your eyes and start begging to plead, you can feel a tremendous power and just end up at the entrance to escape. To complete your petition you should be able to represent 2 minutes enough. So I’m just doing Namaskar to the God as others won’t let my desires end. We start mumbling yaar Kitna mangega??? on the off chance that somebody finds out how to live before the Lord. We need to live there for a long time as a whole, but we don’t let others do the same, that’s the opposing problem. As a teenager, due to two things I wanted to visit such a heavenly spot: 1. Tasty Prasad 2. Small tradesmen who sell Toys.

Okay, we might expect royal treatment if we do it on odd days. Arrange on a weekday which is a tough task. Fewer people really want to go to the temple for a sincere prayer. Most of us are attending a temple as it is very convenient & appreciable. The religious nature lets us all visit a temple and we all enjoy the peace and happiness of being together, beyond all age groups. And our visit to the temple becomes A Sacred Picnic.

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