5 No Excuse Super Exciting Hill Stays in India

While the hills are often chosen for their tranquil and calming environment, they also make an ideal place for an exciting and thrilling holiday. The hills live, in addition to the numerous adventure events, offers spectacular and exclusive places that are bound to quicken your pulse with anticipation. For people who prefer a rush of adrenaline on their trips, the following hill stays in India are built to deliver just that.

Top 5 Non-Excuse Hill Stays In India

1. Atali, Rishikesh

This stone-built resort is a dream come true for a thrill-seeking adventurer, set in the middle of a forest and on the banks of Ganga. The hotel’s Aquaterra Adventure programs include river rafting, trekking, kayaking, and camping expeditions. If you want to explore this side of India’s wilderness, its facilities are the best, ranging from customized itineraries to well-experienced staff.

2. Wildflower Hall, Shimla in the Himalayas

Let the hospitality and services of the Oberoi Hotel make your holiday perfect at this magnificent and secluded hill house. The outdoor activities of the hotel include a relaxing trip to the Sutlej River for a three-hour raft tour, mountain biking and walking trails across 23 acres of fragrant pine and cedar woodland. It is the perfect hill destination for couples looking for thrill and romance in Shimla.

3. Vivanta by Taj Madikeri, Coorg

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Coorg is classed as one of India’s most thrilling adventure destinations. Apart from being Coorg’s largest luxury resort, Vivanta has some very unique and exciting activities planned for its guests. The hotel offers events such as survival training, the Rainforest guide, off-terrain biking and the Vivanta Octathlon for the extreme adventure traveler.

4. Elephant Valley Eco Farm Hotel, Kodaikanal

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The Elephant Valley Eco Farm Hotel is located on the western Ghats in the Palni Hills, Tamil Nadu, in one of the top 25 biodiversity hotspots on Earth. The entrance itself will excite you for the adventures to come that this place has to bring. The site is surrounded by rare flora and fauna habitats and spectacular waterfalls. Visit the majestic ageless forests or take a swim in the natural pools and the water.

5. Briar Tea Bungalows, Valparai

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As the name suggests, Briar Bungalows are built on 2000 hectares of tea plantations and it’s home Valparai is one of India’s very few hill stations devoid of man-made tourist attractions. The place offers its guests a choice of different styles of bungalows. The most popular is the tents at Sirukundra. Although wildlife photographers prefer the stay at these bungalows, other activities include bird-watching, trekking, cycling, and long walks through the plantations.

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