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40 Times People Misused Quotation Marks With Hilarious Results

If there’s one thing that can make any regular sentence instantly sound sketchy, it’s some misused quotation marks. It’s crazy how such a little grammatical error can completely transform a sentence. Here’s an example for you: I’ve put the baby to sleep vs. I’ve put the baby to “sleep”. Know what we’re getting at?

Some keen-eyed people even started collecting the most ridiculously misused quotation marks in a subreddit called /r/suspiciousquotes/ and they’re absolutely hilarious. Check out a collection of some of the best ones in the gallery below!

#1 Very “Useful” Tutorial

Image source: papasuncle

#2 Oh No, Timmy

Image source: pancakegalaxy

#3 Starbucks Is Offering Everything These Days

Image source: docju

#4 I Feel So Sorry For That Actor

Image source: CaptainRipp

#5 A “Loving Tribute”

Image source: JeremyTheMVP

#6 This Is What I Think Of Your So-Called Allergy

Image source: horthianflorff

#7 My Husband Was Given This Notepad At His New Job. Most Discouraging Use Of Quotation Marks

Image source: missliza

#8 That Is Unsettling

Image source: TikiTakaTimbuktu

#9 Suspicious Church

Image source: BIGJake111

#10 You Might Want To Clarify Your Acronym A Bit

Image source: buttwarmers

#11 So Many Questions

Image source: kcripe

#12 Suspicious Quotes

Image source: fl1Xx0r

#13 Should I Doubt The Safety Of My Holidays?

Image source: vagabondchinchilla

#14 I Don’t Think I’ve Ever Been More Intimidated By A Piece Of Mail

Image source: waifus4laifus69

#15 Sir This Is The “Police”

Image source: mikeissad

#16 Don’t Know How I Feel About This “Plastic Surgeon”

Image source: That_Pyrope

#17 I Don’t Know If I Want To Visit This So-Called “Church” Of Yours

Image source: chad78

#18 I’d Rather Not Touch The ‘Rock’, Thanks

Image source: HauntedFurniture

#19 “Sober”

Image source: outstream

#20 “Befriended”

Image source: kunonaa

#21 Stop Mom! Free “Face Painting”

Image source: CompuChip

#22 Uh, What Kinda Teacher Again?

Image source: oldskewlphilosphy

#23 Rightfully Suspicious Quotes

Image source: Pedro95

#24 I Also “Love” My Job

Image source: TheJarOfJam

#25 I Always Buy My “Candy” At My Local Bowling Alley

Image source: mobuco

#26 Yours? Hmm

Image source: frostbyte5000

#27 “Nothing” In Car

Image source: bobbysteel

#28 Uhm?

Image source: houtaroo

#29 Of Course. I Mean, What Else Would You Even Put In There

Image source: dj-milk-problems

#30 Hate It When You “Accidental” Salmon

Image source: AGeary

#31 When Looking Up What McNuggets Are Made Of

Image source: _pineapple_sauce_

#32 Mom, Are You Proud Or Not?

Image source: A_QueerGhost32

#33 A What Now

Image source: Mercsidian

#34 “If” You Catch My Drift

Image source: Bbop1999

#35 Mechanic Wanted

Image source: ItsBohanJones

#36 Found This At A Secondhand

Image source: hurtbytinybee

#37 It’s Written On Police Cars

Image source: nickbesick

#38 Yes, Officer, I’m “21”

Image source: turbobex

#39 “Specialized In Various Specialties”

Image source: raymondromero

#40 Just Seen In A Microsoft Presentation. Yeah, It Sure Is

Image source: be4ou

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